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Jan 6, 2013 6:00am EST
silver spoons, carter braxton. carter, kidding aside, you did correctly call the crash of silver in april of last year. what do you see now? >> what's important it's not just silver, it's gold, it's the yen, it's all things that are considered safe havens, they're coming apart. here's a daily chart going back two years. what's important about this is the level here. we're on the cusp of breaking these well defined intermediate lows. we closed $30 down. we think we're dropping as low at 20. take a look at this same chart, but longer term. what's important about this is we're right on the trend line that's been in effect since the '08 lows. that's not good to bounce off the trend line, fail to bounce convincingly and come back to it. >> then finally, just citing what you referred to earlier, together in the show, we talked about this epic top and how it was symmetrical. the presumption is once it fails, it doesn't end halfway. it retraces much more of the original where gold and silver made their high in the early '80s. so really lower from here, considerably. >> carter is clear on th
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
in eight years. carter and kos say the pain is just starting, it will you where they see them heading next. and retail has been a wreck. so where were all those traders piling into family dollar calls? scott nations will explain. the action begins right now. >> let's get into the money right now. we saw a massive rally on wall street. we live for these days, stocks hitting five had of year highs. is it too late to get in? how should you position your portfol portfolio? let's get in and find out. it's amazing the progress we've seen in terms of the rally this year. the s&p is 6% within its all-time closing high. >> we were saying similar things last year. the rally just in the last few days, has been, it feels a lot stronger than it is. we're up 3% in the s&p and the nasd nasdaq. if you shorted those couple days, you you were kind of hurting through january and february. so you have to wait to be contrarian because at some point, the seasonality kicks in and you can get carried away. >> look at retail sales numbers, kind of tep id, not a lot of entuz yamp. a lot of people were
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
worry. we'll explain why. plus, will amazon follow apple? carter thinks so. they have a trade that can make four times your money in three months. >>> and it's the brawl heard around the world. >> he is like the cry baby in a schoolyard. i went to a tough school in queens, used to beat up the little jewish boys. he is like one of these little jewish boys crying that the world was taking advantage of them. >> who really won and how do you make money? we'll break it down. the action begins right now. >>> live from the heart of new york's times square, i'm melissa lee. these are the traders, while billionaires were duking it out, america was making money. the dow is 300 points away from an all-time high. the s&p 500 at multiyear highs. is there more room to run? dan, really the most interesting part about this market move is it did it without apple, in spite of apple. >> in spite of apple. a lot of things, this is a pretty powerful thing. the breadth of this market is broadening out. money coming out of apple is finding a new home. here we are at 1500, stocks like procter and gamble break
Jan 20, 2013 6:00am EST
mr. telephone man among his favorite songs. carter. >> just as you point out, the winners have been the losers and here's the one-year chart. it is running about 95%. they obviously have been the winners since july and apple has been the loser. at this point we think some of these moves to the garbage to gold is overdone. take a look at the chart -- this is the same chart one year but take a look. 5, 5, 5 stock drop gaps in 200 million shares and now rallied from 163 all the way back to under 5. the problem with doing that, you have a year of dead bodies who lost a lot of money and had money returned to them want the money back. the long term is a disaster fade the rally, so -- >> carter says sell. mike, what do you say? >> i have to be honest, i didn't realize nokia paid a dividend. a company in this state, 5.7% yield. >> the options market isn't sub subscribing to that theory this time. they would actually pay it out in may. the options market forecasting a better than 50% chance that there is no dividend this time. the options market is not seeing it. implied dividends of 8 cents
Jan 27, 2013 8:00pm EST
who died in 2009 at the age of 80. ms. matusow is joined by former president jimmy carter, former mayor of atlanta and u.s. ambassador to the united nations andrew young and former justice department spokesman terry adamson in the discussion of jack nelson's ms. moore "scoop the evolution of a southern reporter." it's about an hour >> good evening everyone. my name is hain't and i will be moderating this wonderful panel tonight. the director of the journalism program at emory and a co-author of a book about news coverage in the civil rights movement that featured jack quite prominently. first i want to thank the carter library and museum for hosting this and cosponsoring this and also emory university which houses the papers and the wisdom of a great journalists and we are so pleased that the to the surprise winners and the latest among them is jack nelson. barbara was generous and made jack's papers our possession now and there is some rich history and i encourage everyone to go and take a look at them. we are here to celebrate the life, memoir, peepers of jack nelson with some p
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
call to the charts and find out why with the one and only carter braxton werth of oppenheimer. what do you see? >> this has been a great winner. the issue, is it too much of a good thing? retailers in general are not performing. the market made a low in november, from 1350 to 1500. in that same period big retailers are basically down. take a look at this table. this is a two-month change walmart, nordstroms, target, sears, macy's, kohl's, almost all of them down. s&p is up,ing amazon is up twice the s&p. the bulls would say amazon is taking share from all of these players. the issue, is it too much of a good thing? let's look at the chart. this is a chart going back to the '08-'09 low. this stock has gone from 37 to 285, up eightfold. it comes down to the trend line and bounces, bounces, bounces. at this point we think it's a bit above trend. the next chart puts this in context. it's had multiple sell-offs. typically the sell-offs are 30%. what i've drawn is the pre assumes, the next sell-off coming. we think you faded here, too much of a good thing, just not sustainable. >> a sell-off
Jan 30, 2013 3:35am EST
dangerous. seacrest: even with the toned-down scripts lynda carter pressed to ensure the series portrayed positive role models. wonder woman was intelligent resourceful, and in control... often rescuing the show's male lead played by lyle waggoner. wonder woman! steve, are you all right? wonder woman am i glad to see you! thanks! [ explosion ] i think he got a little sick of it to tell you the truth. [ laughs ] i'll have you free in a few seconds. i don't blame him! you know we've been in that role for years. are you all right? yeah, i'm fine. my pride's hurt a little bit. and once again, i'm in your debt, wonder woman. seacrest: when guest star bubba smith bristled at the notion of his character losing a fight to wonder woman, lynda carter found a subtle way to make her point. we devised this little plan, and they taught me how to -- it's really leverage. we were just going to try to set it up, but the camera was really rolling. and so the stunt coordinator goes... i said, "okay, i bet you don't think i could this but let's just try it, let me just see. we won't film it." i wen
Jan 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
who died in 2009 at the age of 80. been joined by former president jimmy carter, former mayor of atlanta and u.s. ambassador to the united nations andrew young and former justice department spokesman terry adamson in the discussion of jack nelson's memoir, scoop. the evolution of a seven reporter. it is about an hour. >> good evening, everyone. it's good to have everyone here. my name is sink, and i will be moderating this wonderful panel tonight. and the director of the journalism program at emory. and co-author of a book about news coverage of the civil-rights movement, featured jack quite prominently. first of all, i want to thank the carter library and museum for hosting this one and for cosponsoring it and also the emory university libraries, particularly the manuscript archives and rare books librarian which houses and in the papers and the wisdom of a great number of seven journalists. white, african-american, all sorts -- we are so pleased that five of those opulence a prizewinners'. the latest among them is jack nelson. barbara was so generous and has made jackson pa
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am EST
, an exclusive interview with deputy defense secretary ash carter a week after the pentagon issued guidance to propair for as much as $50 billion in automatic cuts this year unless congress approving the deficit reduction package and new spending measures by april. hiring has been frozen and travel and training reduced and civilian worker furloughs and may follow. the guidelines came days before lawmakers edged toward a compromise to avert the so- called fiscal cliff. house republicans agreeing to suspend the debt ceiling in exchange for senate democrats agreeing to pass a budget. all this comes as deputy -- as defense secretary leon panetta prepares to retire and former nebraska senator chuck hagel awaits senate confirmation to take his place. carter served for more than two years as the defense acquisition chief where he drove acquisition logistics and efficiency reforms becoming deputy secretary in october 2011. dr. carter great to have you back. >> thanks, good to be here with you vago. >> something that's been making headlines is secretary panetta changing the guidance to allo
Jan 30, 2013 12:00pm EST
lane of traffic was blocked after a crash. brianne carter joins us from the newsroom with more on the investigation. >> we are getting new information at this hour. officials tell us the condition of the firefighter that remained in the hospital is improving grid sources confirm that dr. james higgins who worked on the double arm transplant is working on the injured firefighter after this morning's early crash. xa prince george's county volunteer firefighter the mains in the hospital after an early- morning crash. officials say just before 3 a.m. -- 3:00 a.m. the impact of the crash caused three vehicles to overturn. >> initial reports are the engine has been released from a previous accident on or near route 50 and the engine was in the process of returning when it was struck. three firefighters were taken to prince george's hospital where they were treated and released. three others, including the tractor-trailer driver were taken to the hospital. >> get them in here. >> for several hours, the crumpled pieces of the truck and trailer sat sideways on the beltway, the fire truck l
Jan 15, 2013 6:30am PST
harp on my jimmy carter issue of earlier and i'm going to take this quote. it says "soon after jimmy carter installed solar panels on the white house. a generation from now i think this is in the 70's or early 80's the solar heater can be a surcosity, a museum piece, a example of a road not taken, or a small part of one of the greatest adventures under taken by the american people and harness the power of the sun and move away from the crippling dependence on foreign oil, and again at that point we can say that the solar panels were a museum piece. i am hoping cleanpower sf isn't this interesting idea that creeped up and disappeared because of all the misinformation and whatever that certain interests will probably have in seeing this sort of plan not succeed, so again when i was 16 my first venture into politics was through this group called "people for safe energy" in fresno and i was 17 and our first venture was to go to the power plant and protest the fact they wanted to have a nuclear power plant sitting next to an earthquake fault. in japan i think the conversation around nucle
Jan 12, 2013 6:00am EST
shares followed tech glitches. but cohen carter says buy now and they're teaming up for a trade that can pay you long shares for the battered air space giants. we'll break it down. >>> plus, house of pain? morgan stanley and jpmorgan fall ahead of next woke's earnings. should you be concerned? dan nathan will have the answers. and well liked, facebook shares have surged 17% in 2013, and do you see more upside? scott nations gets social. the action begins right now. >>> from the heart of new york times square, i'm melissa lee, these are the traders. and the rally is showing signs of fatigue with the financials ahead of the earnings. with the vix at five-year lows and the dow at five-year highs, is this the calm before the storm? we will get into the money and find out. dan, the question is here as we do look at the five-year highs, do we look like we are setting up for a fall? >> we could. here is the thing that we got through some events that had not a whole lot of a heck to do with the corporate earnings and that is one of the big factors to drive the stock prices, and we had a great ra
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
decision from the supreme court that happened 40 years ago. brianne carter is live on the national mall right now. >> it is quiet along the national mall at this hour. in a few hours there are expected to be thousands of people converging here. if you can see the stage is set for the rally expected to kick off at noon today. this is for the annual march for life. after they have a rally here, they are expected to march to the supreme court. this coincides with the 40th anniversary of the landmark decision handed down by the supreme court's roe versus wade. many of the people expected to attend today intended -- attended a vigil last night. we expect will be protesters on the other side of this issue holding a rally of their own here at noon. all this expected to create road closures. starting at 9:30 this morning around the national mall and lasting until later this afternoon when the march and rally. will rally for complete list of closures, go to our website, brianne carter reporting. >> several events leading up to the march for life scheduled today. catholic archdioce
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
. thousands are marking the 40th anniversary of roe v wade. brianne carter is on the national mall with the lat take a look behind me. you can see this thousands that have gathered here for the annual march for life. the archdiocese of washington anticipates that [no audio] >> we feel strongly about it. we want to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. >> it brings us all together shows us that we are not alone -- brings us all together. shows us that we are not alone. we are all moving together. >> that was brianne carter reporting from the national mall. we also have a developing story out of the district where an 18- year-old was shot and killed. we are joined by kimberly at the scene. >> we are just learning that the 18-year-old died this morning. she lost her life right here at this bus stop. police say she was stopped in the head. -- shot in the head. when we talked to neighbors, they said they were not awakened by gunfire. what they did here was the police knocking on the door. >> right in front of their house. it is pretty scary. we are concerned. >> now i have to look be
Jan 18, 2013 3:00pm EST
would be jimmy carter. whatever you think of jimmy carter's politics, the ideology, it wasn't a very successful presidency. and the roots of it sort of evident on the day of the inauguration for two reasons. first, his staff kind of bungled the, you know, showing proper deference to the speaker of the house, tip o'neill, for instance. crucially important guy for getting the carter program through congress. he was miffed because he wasn't treated well with tickets to inaugural festivities and balls and that sort of thing. the leadership of the democratic party in congress, carter won the nomination in an end and around them understanding the new primary rules before they did. he didn't show proper deference -- >> starting off on a bad foot. >> right. second part is, we remember -- this is a good thing. i like how he did this. he got out of the car in the inaugural parade and walked and walked to the crowd and other presidents have done it since then. >> first time. >> first then. it was a nice gesture. but what it showed was this was what carter believed the workable model of a presid
Jan 31, 2013 5:00am EST
standing water and problems as .ou head out brianne carter reporting. >> thank you. for a confirmation hearing is today for president obama's defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. gop senator from has faced criticism republicans that is ot sufficiently pro-israel or tough enough on iran. they also worry about his for cuts in nuclear weapons. focus one will insuring that the u.s. military is preparing for any contingency. obama's second term starting off on a high note. a new poll found 60% of have a favorable impression of the president, is his highest rating since 2009. it found that he had more positive ratings than negative refused. >> john gonzalez is kicking goals, getting knocked by guys on the field during interviews. >> new orleans is bringing out in >> wearing a purple boas. >> have the redskins called for me? >> we will talk. >> it is downright chilly in new orleans. all the events and activities the big game and are heating up. ne willygg and blai take the stage tonight. from the balcony's of the french onve music jackson's career and cajun food street,
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
drugs. let's check in with brianne carter to get the details. lance armstrong said he used the entire situation as one big lie that he repeated over and over. he is now telling the truth, he using epo in the mid- 1990s. after years of lying, lance is finally coming clean. >>>> my cocktail was only epo -- not a lot -- and transfusions and testosterone. all the blame falls on me. >> armstrong admitted to using enhancing drugs in an exclusive interview with oprah. he said he was coping during all victories. de france he said at times he was a bully. >> if i did not like what said, and for whatever head, whether i as someone being or a friend turning on or whatever, i tried to control that to say they are liars. parties already been stripped of his titles and the olympic medals than he won in 2000. be furtherould fallout, including possible civil lawsuits. >> the story was so perfect for mr g, it was just this mystic perfect story. >> he said that he knows the o late andybe itto thathe takes the blame for as well. from localreaction including one who was member if of the e france team in
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
how you should be trading the race to the bottom. and hot or not? has apple lost its mojo? carter worth has a contrarian call you will not want to miss. first, let's get to the markets. taking a breather here, but are you a buyer or seller as the dow and s&p are headed for their best in decades. grasso? >> the market trades as a whole, right? and you trade it with it. but i wound up buying google right before the earnings were up. i caught that $50 spike. i added to my position. caught that $50 spike. i sold out. i believe in the story longer term, but i did buy apple, which i don't believe in longer term, but i bought that on friday, due to an oversold condition. >> so, overall -- >> individual -- on a macro market, i believe the market is coming in. that 1361, the long-term trend line in the s&p cash is probably something we will see. >> i think there are a couple of interesting things going on. if you look at the sectors hitting all-time highs, small caps, mid caps -- >> trannies. >> trannies, too. correlations have been coming down. at the end of last month, correlations were
Jan 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
aviator and talking about carter braxton with worth. >> well, that was a long list there. this is a five-year chart of the boeing and what is important is 75 level and 75 4re 75 level an three years this has been stuck. but it shows equilibrium and is the dreamliner going to work or not? and everybody knows it is going to work and it will take over the market, and what sets up the tension is this breakout here and 95 or higher and looking at the same chart over 20 years and the same tension, and basically a stock has gone sideways for three years, 10, 11, 12, and the stock market has been ripping and that is equilibrium and equilibrium always ends, and you can now say that maybe it is going to breakdown and we would bet against it, because we believe it is going to break up. >> carter sees it on a technical basis higher, boeing that is, and mike i turn to you, because a lot of times we look at the headline risk events and look back and see that when the headlines were the greatest and the most profile, that is the big opportunity to buy. >> yes, and the 787 issues have been weighing on t
Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
crops. carter evans reports from the frozen frontline. [coughing] >> fighting the flu, one of the nation's biggest states declares a public health emergency. bob orr is track the epidemic. >> three years to the day after the earthquake that devastated haiti, how one american is helping the most serious i didn't injured. >> coming out on two crutches that's our goal. >> and a look at one city's campaigns to get weapons off the streets forever. >> announcer: this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening. i'm jim axelrod with a western edition of the broadcast. we begin tonight in the orchards and farm fields of southern california, where the race is on to save crops from a potentially disastrous freeze. temperatures are well below normal in much of the state. 20° below normal in the los angeles basin and parts of san diego county where they are expecting frost on the beaches. the forecast for big sur is 20 degrees colder than boston. even palm springs could see temperatures near freezing. as carter evans reports from the san joaguin valley this
Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
.," washington. >> carter lee is an aerospace analyst with bb&t ,virginia.rkets joining us carter, you were out early today cutting your investment recommendation on boeing's stock from hold to underweight, essentially a sell y? >> well, so you know, starting from the hold which we put on right after the initial fire we felt that the risk to the name given we knew an investigation would ensue was sufficient to go to the hold. and last night with the faa issuing a grounding order which was somewhat suspected but what i saw in that release was that we don't actually have the root cause yet so it is open-ended enough that we felt that it was probably better that we step to the sideline given what we don't know. >> let's talk about the position that boeing is in to withstand or maybe not withstand the long investigation to credit rating agencies both s&p and fish today said the company has the financial ability to handle problems at least for now with the 787. boeing has more than 11 billion in cash, available credit to it and more than 4.5 billion. so do you have financial concerns at this point?
Jan 21, 2013 12:00pm CST
rest of the debt. day. >> former president bill clinton and jimmy carter joined the lawmakers at the capitol for president obama ceremonial swearing-in. they're the only living democrat to occupy the white house. former first lady accompanied her husband to the ceremony. during his inauguration in 1977 president carter shun the custom and walked from the capitol to the executive mansion. he was joined by mrs. carter and his three children. >> farmer president clinton was accompanied by his wife secretary of state hillary clinton. she's a former first lady and the current senior member of president obama cabinet. she is the first former first lady to serve in the presence cabinet. >> we watched president obama sign that nomination after the ceremony. among the celebrities, beyonce performed the national anthem. jay-z was in the audience. >>jon mayer and katy perry alson in the crowd. eva l ongoria, marlon wayans, john legend. >> all of the entertainment is hot on social media right now. flat >> >> everybody is talking about those performances. you can see beyonce, kelly clarkson gabor
Jan 4, 2013 5:00am EST
with brianne carter for the latest. a very large crowd is hyltono memorial aspel later this morning family, and colleagues gathered to say a final goodbye william county police officer chris yung. memorial chapel. his motor bike collided with a minivan on new year's eve. he was a 35-year-old father. be remembered as a man who had a smile on his face. community.d by the the funeral service will get under way around 10:00 this morning. to thehe service is open encouraged zens are procession route instead of coming year. to cover as expected of the county and begin right after the e after 12 noonm today. people are encouraged to bring flags and mementos as they stand. to line the procession stand getfuneral is expected to under way around 10:00 this morning. burial service is scheduled for tomorrow. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> u.s. senator michael crapo is expected to be arraigned this morning after being arrested for dui. police say the idaho republican ran a red light in alexandria last month. officers say that he failed sobriety tests. later issued an apology and said that he acc
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
football analyst andre carter, formerly of the 49ers, currently with the oakland raiders. and first, ray lewis moves on, incredible career, seemingly will not end. >> it was a great game. i had my money on the ravens, of course. >> you did. >> we were kind of butting heads! but i think in general, with ray lewis, what he brings to the organization, to the franchise, his passion. everybody knew this would be his last year, so what better way to beat the broncos and continue on to the ofc championship. >> i don't know if they beat the broncos or peyton manning beat the broncos. manning had three turnovers that were converted into 17 points, including the game- winning field goal. manning is not good in cold weather. >> no. >> in fact, he's 0-4 now with temperatures under 40 degrees. was that a difference for him? >> you know what? i think it was mind over matter. don't get me wrong, in the first half he played a tremendous game. despite the turnover that he had in the first quarter. however, we always say being a defensive player, turnover circuit is always important. ravens, the rave
Jan 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
. guest: president bush 41 is just out of the hospital. i wonder if jimmy carter -- host: he will be in attendance, as well as bill clinton. immy carter is 87. -- jimmy carter is 87. guest: that is a relatively new tradition. herbert hoover was invited to the kennedy inaugural in 1961. he was a very close friend to the president's father. the weather was so bad that he really could not get here. but he intended to be here. host: ronald reagan had the warmest and coldest inauguration days. 1981 and 1985. guest: the great story about the weather -- william howard taft, who had this self deprecatory sense of humor -- there was a blizzard. he said, i always thought it would be a cold day when i would be elected a president of the united states. speech?ow long was his guest: almost two hours. there have been efforts recently to debunk the direct cause and effect. i do not know they have been successful. host: a caller on our independent line. caller: i want to bring attention to george washington's first inauguration. it was at a little church called st. paul's chapel. that is where george w
Jan 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
they came and gave everything to it. other presidents, jimmy carter, george bush the first, george herbert walker bush, eisenhower. these are presidents who while they pursued health care didn't understand it, didn't like it, kind of pushed it halfheartedly. they got slaughtered every time. too complicated and too big to do halfheartedly. say less than for national health care really is a lesson for any major achievement. either go big or go home because if you go small, if you're not passionate, you're going to fail and fall flat on your face. one thing we really didn't expect to find was republicans have high and large been more successful at health care reform the democrats, that in a sense it's been exciting going to china so when republicans take office, everybody assumes we're going to go into a period of health care drought. but think about it. richard nixon comes in in 1968. he has been a very conservative politician for much of his life. he made his name as a minor-league senator mccarthy and yet right away he begins to think about how we can reduce national health insuran
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
, jimmy carter, george bush the first, eisenhower, these are presidents that while the pursued health care and they didn't understand it, they didn't like it, the kind of push it halfheartedly and they got thwarted every time. this is too complicated and too big to do halfheartedly. so a lesson for national health care, the lesson for any major achievement either go big or go home. one thing that we really didn't expect to find is that republicans had by and large been more successful at health care reform than democrats. that is in a sense nixon going to china so that when we publican's take office everybody assumes we are going to go into a period of health care drought. but think about it. richard nixon comes in in 1968. he has been a very conservative politician for much of his life. he made his name in the what scares as a kind of minor league senator mccarthy, and yet right away he begins to think about how we can redo the national health insurance. and he comes up with very creative thinking. he said look people with private insurance aren't going to want to give up thei
Jan 29, 2013 5:00am EST
to out.hat he lays reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. the plans for immigration reform, the border patrol says more peopleg up entering the country illegally. agentsrs obtained show 357,000 arrests along during the border 2012 year. that is 29,000 more than the previous year. texas southern largest increase .n arrest border patrol also says arrest nationwide have increased about seven percent. deliberations resumed today murder trial of a former culpeper police officer. the case against daniel white -- he testified that he who was unarmed, february.fense last his arm in the vehicle and tried drive off. prosecutors say his arm was never trapped. a misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive, john leopold. he is accused of using his security detail and secretary for personal and political reasons. his attorneys do not deny the evidence, but they say he never .roke the law a judge will decide his guilt or innocence. >> some good news. d.c. officials are expected to that the city has a $400 million surplus. that is because of stronger .evenue collection officials would lik
Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm EST
behind schedule. darren gersh, "n.b.r.," washington. >> carter lee is an aerospace analyst with bb&t capital markets joining us from richmond virginia. carter, you were out early today cutting your investment recommendation on boeing's stock from hold to underweight, essentially a sell y? >> well so you know starting from the hold which we put on right after the initial fire we felt that the risk to the name given we knew an investigation would ensue was sufficient to go to the hold. and last night with the faa issuing a grounding order which was somewhat suspected but what i saw in that release was that we don't actually have the root cause yet so it is open-ended enough that we felt that it was probably better that we step to the sideline given what we don't know. >> let's talk about the position that boeing is in to withstand or maybe not withstand the long investigation to credit rating agencies both s&p and fish today said the company has the financial ability to handle problems at least for now with the 787. boeing has more than 11 billion in cash available credit to it and mor
Jan 12, 2013 5:30pm EST
rights commission? >> i came to the civil rights commission in 1980 after having served in the carter administration. running federal education programs and having been chancellor at the university of colorado-bolder. people say i was the first women to be head of a major research university. but any case, i came and i had big fights with ronald reagan because even though i was just a commissioner, i along with one of my latino woman the only other minority on the commission babeu, we would dissent whatever the commission tried to do something that was terrible. so we had some problems. and we had the excitement. but i was on there and i went through all those fights. finally it was clip who made me the chair of the commission. >> but president carter appointed me. >> carter appointed me when i left his education running education. he got a new department of education. he appointed me to the commission. >> at what point did it become clare that the u.s. civil rights commission would become a permanent agency? >> after the first year when the reports they did what the commission did wa
Jan 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
the way, in terms of bad scheduling, jimmy carter was at the head of the democratic ticket. it was the best campaign i ever technically ran. and it felt really good towards the end. i went through these moments when everything felt good because your candidate. so i went into vote at the library on election day of 1976. the city of georgia was very proud that jimmy carter was there. and i found myself standing in line behind three people that have come from the nursing home. those who wanted to get revenge for sherman's march to georgia. [laughter] and i thought to myself, how likely is it that after they vote for jimmy carter, they will put their ticket for a yankee born army brat on the other side. and i thought -- this will be a long evening. and it was. i went from 48.5% in 1974 down to 48.3% in 1976. barely enough to survive. carter approved the left in government and when i came to washington, the democrats have been so dominant in 1973 onward. they would saunter onto the floor of the house looking for republicans to be. republicans would hope not to be noticed. new generation
Jan 3, 2013 5:00am EST
measuues....state delegate jill carter says publlcly finaced busineses (14:05:43)the arger issue is when tax dollars are binggused &pare there checks and balanced in the system in case it goes says.....there should be more trannparency pfronn before being approved....(nats of hottl)ccanges she admits ay bb too late to keep taxpayers off the hook....(14:04:58) cover this bittas i get readyy to go into he legislative sessiin neet week the big elephant that's always there is how baltimore is pending moody alss says.... baaed on the negative projecced potlook... economic conditions will make it difficult for the hotel to generaae rrvenues deet serviceerequirements. straight ahead... joining a gym... isn'ttas simppl as it might sound. sound.the memmbrship benefits you'll want tt payyclose a contract. ((break 3)) vr3 p,33one of the mosttcommoo new year's resolutions is to loss &pweight and get fii. joining a gym is a step ii the right directionn buu not all membership contractt are tips to keep in mind, in today's consumer watch. 3 &pp for many americans, th new year meaas a nnw fitness 3
Jan 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
. natural security adviser to jimmy carter, thank you for joining us first of all we really appreciate it. >> glad to be with you cenk. >> cenk: now, i want to ask you about hagel first, we'll get to brennan second. on the issue of hagel what's the real beef that the republicans have with hagel? what is their real concern with him? >> i think he's very independent-minded, very independent, and i don't think they like that. secondly he broke ranks over the iraq war which he rightly described as a horrible error a massive strategic mistake and something that did not serve american interests. they didn't like that. >> cenk: something strange is going on here. we have republicans opposing a nominee who is a republican, who agreed with the president. who else would he agree with? >> i think ultimately a great many of them because ultimately most of them are sensible people are going to vote for him. we have some people stepping into the fight and encouraging extremeist vile statements about hagel that he's anti-semitic, not supportive of israel, and i think some dislike by republ
Jan 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
wilson's the jimmy carter administration. thank you, you holding up is the key. i bet i won't even have time to formally say thank you and goodbye. i will the say to miles how eloquent his little segway introduction has been and tell him goodbye and all rest of you for coming. i am supposed to read some things. i was fretting about that -- what that would be because i wanted to make it very short. i wanted to read from the end of the prologue. one of the things that i was trying to stress in the talk that i gave yesterday and the panel that i appeared on the day before is for all of the undeniable, appalling, dark side of ernest hemingway there was also the light, there was this bone of generosity. sometimes it came out best when a child was involved, and not his own child necessarily and especially an ill child who wouldn't respond to that. but he seemed to respond in a special way. so i was thinking of reading something of a key west passage and i said that would be like a piece of coal offering something to newcastle so i won't read that. i am just going to read this little mome
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